One of the things I love about my podcast is that I get the opportunity to connect with people who are doing amazing things in our industry. Moms in Film is a great example of women who are taking control of their career and family to start conversations and make the entertainment business a better place to work.

Christy Lamb and Mathilde Dratwa started Moms in Film a few years ago and it has grown to a bi-coastal organization with monthly meet-ups and events. Both filmmakers juggle their careers and family while also advocating for gender equality in film and television.

I felt so inspired after my conversation with Christy and Mathilde and I know you will too! Make sure you listen to this episode to hear what they’re actively working towards and how you can get involved. Then make sure you check out their website, and follow them on social media so you can be a part of their movement. We need more parents in this industry to stick together and support each other so we can continue to balance family life with our career goals.