I was born and raised in Oklahoma. It was almost required that at some point I listen to country music which I did. More specifically, my family loved the sounds of honky-tonk. I grew up with my mom blaring Merle Haggard, Hank Williams (Sr. & Jr.), Lefty Frizell and George Jones on the car radio. Much the same way I blare Lady Gaga and 2 Chains now. I digress…

Let’s just say I have a deep fondness and appreciation for honky-tonk music. And if you’ve ever listened to my podcast then you know I love funny moms. Thankfully, Stacie Burrows and Shannon Noel make up the musical comedy duo, Mommy Tonk, combing honky-tonk with funny shit for moms! I feel like I struck gold!

stacie burrows and shannon noel

Their songs are brutally honest, knee-slapping funny, and gut-busting graphic. Need more adjectives? Just listen to their stuff already! They explain how they were brought together by Lindsay Kavet during an Expressing Motherhood show and instantly bonded.


Soon after meeting they created MT and now they tour the US singing songs with titles like, “Get off your ass, you f**king a**hole”, “The PTA Fundraiser” and “I’m Just Sayin”. Yee-haw!  Seriously, you have to listen to this episode to grasp the full brilliance of their songs. They played a couple of songs on the show. Now you can play them on repeat if you’ve got a hankerin’.

Both Shannon and Stacie have backgrounds in standup, improv and sketch, making this the perfect outlet for their comedic voice. And I dare say it’s not just for women. My husband even says he found himself humming along to their songs when he was on quality control duty. He’s also hinted more than once that he would like my Mommy Tonk t-shirt. (It is a pretty sweet ass shirt).

Mommy Tonk has a couple of songs on iTunes, but I would encourage you to see them live if possible. And lucky for you they’re currently on tour with The Assless Chaps.  Check out their tour dates below or on their website to find out when to go. You can also saddle up and follow them on Twitter @MommyTonk, or Facebook and Instagram.  Now I’m gonna mosey off to bed with the gentle sounds of nostalgia tickling my funny bone.

MommyTonk-tour dates