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I’ve been watching a lot of Botched on E! lately. It’s fascinating! And it got me thinking about plastic surgery for my mom bod and wondering if it really is that easy to tuck my tummy, or tighten my face. So I decided to find out.

Calm down. I’m not getting a facelift. How can I alter perfection?? But as Mother Nature and Father Time stomp all over my body, I’m curious to know what types of procedures are available IF I decide to get a tune-up my mom bod.

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Me and my mom bod walking the pink carpet for the Bad Moms premiere

I interviewed Dr. Max Lehfeldt, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Pasadena.  I had a ton of questions for him about why women (and men) want to have plastic surgery, what’s the most popular treatment for moms, and his thoughts on why it’s so prominent in the film/tv industry.

One look at what’s trending on Instagram or Twitter will tell you we are a celebrity obsessed culture. We all want our mom bods to look young again and celebrities always seem to have that youthful glow. I fall prey to squad stalking a few moms myself who I would love to look like (Jennifer Garner I’m looking at you). What I struggle with is finding the balance between loving myself AS IS, and wanting my mom bod outside to match the youthfulness I feel on the inside.

I’m not alone, right?

allergan it's my body campaign

I asked Dr. Lehfeldt who his typical patients are and why they see him. He says a lot of them are moms who’ve spent years focusing on their kids, their husband, and their job instead of themselves. They turn to him looking for ways to feel more youthful, or more confident in their body. They want to feel sexy again. I get that. One look at any of my #MIH15by15 challenges will show you that although I love my body, I still have insecurities about it.

I feel like I would be all over a tummy tuck or breast lift if 1) I could afford it 2) I’m not sure how it would make my daughter feel. What kind of example would I be setting for her? Would she grow up thinking the only way to feel good about herself is to alter her body? I hope that I would instill my confidence in her enough so that she would understand why I did it.

allergan it's my turn campaign

Dr. Lehfeldt says the biggest thing a person needs to decide before going under the knife is their motivation. Why do you want to have breast implants? To feel more confident in your bikini or because your pimp is making you? If it’s that second one, please email me right away so I can help you!

If it’s the first option, then that’s a valid reason. He told me about a new campaign he’s working on with pharmaceutical company Allergen called “It’s my turn”. It’s geared toward moms who are curious about cosmetic procedures like breast implants, Juvederm and Botox, but maybe don’t know where to start exploring their options. 

The big question I have when I start considering cosmetic procedures is, can we love our bodies and want to alter those bodies at the same time? Can we still exude inner confidence but change our outer appearance?

I’m a big believer in body confidence.  I’m a larger lady and there are moments when I feel gross and fat and don’t fit into my pants. But honestly, I love my body. It gave me my most precious gift, my baby girl. And while it’s sometimes not as svelte as I’d like it to be, I do love it.

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I know not everyone thinks like I do though. So I always try to put myself in someone else’s shoes and say, okay she’s 25 and gorgeous. But if she thinks her nose is too big, or her butt is too small and having some work done will make her feel good about herself, then who am I to judge? If you’re a mom and you want a little Botox to brighten your day, go for it. A little Juvederm to get your juices flowing? Jump on it. 

Let’s say plastic surgery is something you want to do but like me you are totally freaked out by Botched, Dr. Lehfeldt has some tips.

  1. Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. It is the ONLY certification that means a doctor has been tried and tested and recognized for their work. A chiropractor, dentist, or cosmetologist should NOT be performing plastic surgery. Ever.
  2. Ask questions. Once you find a doctor don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get to know them. Make sure you are comfortable handing your body over to them. Are they listening to you? Respecting your needs? Make sure you can answer these questions before you go under the knife.
  3. Have realistic expectations. Dr. Lehfeldt says people bring in pictures of celebrities all the time and say “I want her nose.” Or “I want those boobs.” But their body type might not be a good fit. Be open to hearing what your doctor says. If he says a triple D implant will not work on your 5’0” frame, listen to him and be grateful you won’t end up with back pain the rest of your life.
  4. Get a second opinion.  It can’t hurt to get more than one opinion when it comes to changing your body or adding anything to it. It will give you more confidence moving forward and that doctor might give you some insights you hadn’t thought of.

To find out what cosmetic procedures are available to you and whether you want to take the plunge start with the “My breasts, My Body, My turn” campaign at