I can’t believe it’s been a year since I recorded my first podcast and launched Motherhood in Hollywood into the history books. Technically my first episode was released on July 17th, but I released 3 episodes at once because someone on the internet told me that was the way it’s done.  I still don’t know if they’re right. But I do know that I’ve completed 52 episodes and this has been the most challenging and empowering year of my life.


I’ve said many times that the reason I launched MIH was because I needed a creative outlet as a full-time mom and working actress. And doing a podcast seemed like a wonderful way to combine the things I loved.  My first episode with actress and mom Jennifer Hasty was interrupted halfway through by Channing, who had to go potty. And it was made abundantly clear in that moment that my life would be a constant challenge to stay my pre-mommy creative self while raising my silly, strong-willed girl.  One year later, Channing and my husband Chris as much a part of this show as I am, and we’re all still very, very silly.

family day at disneyland

That’s why I asked Chris to come on the show this week and share what it’s like being Mr. MIH. He has read every blog post, every social media post, and listened to every single episode of MIH before it’s released to make sure I didn’t have any major technical glitches.  In fact early on, there were a few episodes where I did have some audio issues because I was still trying to figure out the right combination of mics, and software.  Bless those guests who had to be my guinea pigs LOL

I’m still fine tuning everything from my website to my podcast. And I have learned so much about creating a website and producing a weekly online radio show.  It’s like I’m growing as a person ya’ll!

Chris said for him, the episodes with Fresh Off The Boat writer Rachna Fruchbom, Fuller House writer Rich Keith and Powers star Justice Leak were the most memorable.  He was also surprised by how much he learned about actress Jillian Armenante and her passion for theater.

heather and chan cake

I have loved each and every episode I’ve done. I’ve learned something new about myself, and about my guests, from Weelicious founder Catherine McCord, to casting director Dana Gergely Bowling and Hollywood Housewife Laura Tremaine.  Truly it’s been such an honor to interview so many wonderfully creative people over the last year.  I’m so grateful for the generosity each guest showed by answering all my ridiculous questions and stepping boldly into the MIH world.

There are so many more things coming down the pipe for MIH! I hope you’ll stay on board with me for the journey and bring a friend. The more the merrier.  I look forward to doing the 2nd anniversary post and tell you all about the new TV show I’m starring in, or the feature film I produced.  Or maybe I’ll just tell you that I’m exhausted, but crazy happy.

heather cake2