It seems like everyone in LA, maybe the whole country, has had the plague lately. Not the 1800’s bubonic kind, but the stomach flu that comes on fast and makes you plead to God for your life. This plague hit our house last week and took no prisoners.  Chan was the first victim. Poor thing. We never saw it coming. She was so wide-eyed and full of Christmas hope. Then WHAM! Pukefest 2015.  Dad was second, with a lesser, albeit  more disgusting version. And dear old mom, was the last and hardest hit. That’s right.  I got both versions of the plague. The week before Christmas is a time when I normally get things checked off my list, mailed and gifted in a timely manner so that I can coast into Christmas week like a BOSS.  But this sickness threw our house into chaos so that now I’m behind on everything and probably will not catch up by Christmas. But rather than look at the devastation left by the plague of 2015, I choose to look at the bright side, all of the good things, that came out of that week. In the spirit of Christmas and crap.

sick baby

1. Sick cuddles are the best cuddles
A sick Channing means I finally get some good cuddles. For those who have not gone through life with a 2-year-old, then you don’t know how amazing this is. My 2-year-old is not really a cuddler to begin with. So I take them whenever I can. Last week, she was so sick I got 3 solid hours of cuddles. Thanks plague!

2. My husband becomes Superman
This sweet, wonderful, man had to endure both of his ladies imploding last week. And seeing as how he has an iron stomach that the plague could barely penetrate, he was able to help keep things afloat while I was in the throws of toilet wrath. He washed, rewashed, cooked, wiped, played, and did everything he could to help out. Which is only slightly better than what he usually does when we’re all well. Thanks plague!

3. Good excuse to ignore social media
I don’t know about you but sometimes I just need a break from social media. I realize that my blog, and the entirety of Motherhood in Hollywood exists only if I’m constantly posting, liking, vining, reposting, periscoping or whatever the latest thing is to grab the attention of potential listeners. But effin’ a it’s nice to give myself a break, or cut myself some slack every now and then on the social media. Thanks plague!

4. No need to clean
Seriously, there’s no need to clean. Everything’s already infected. My house was a giant cesspool of germs and I couldn’t not give any effs. So we all just laid in our filth, cleaned only the emergency stuff, and let the rest ride.* Which for anyone who knows me is a big deal. Basically I’m growing as a person. Thanks plague!

5. Saved money on food
We were all so sick there was no need to make dinner or lunch and spend money on food. We ate soup for several meals. You would think I would have lost weight during this process, but somehow I managed to gain weight. Which is why that is not in this list. Boo. Gain weight, save money. Thanks plague!
*My house is actually spotless again. I was sick, not insane!