I just noticed that it’s been nearly a month since my last blog post. That’s probably because for the last month I’ve been immersed, no, obsessed with planning the No Kid Hungry fundraiser. It has basically taken over my life and I’m not really sure why I’ve let it get this far.  It started with the simple idea that it would be fun to try to record my podcast in front of friends, sort of “live.” Maybe in my garage, Marc Maron style. Then my big idea brain started swirling around…I thought it would be fun to do it as a fundraiser and raise money to help kids. After all, we have so much to be grateful for, why not take a minute to give back. Yeah! Let’s do a fundraiser!  It’s completely out of my comfort zone but that’s okay. It’s good to get out of your area of expertise now and then right? I wanted to push myself to do something different and this podcast has given me the courage I need to do that.  And so, the train left the station. I called a few friends and asked for help and they were happy to oblige my little idea. And we started brainstorming ways to make it better.


From there it spiraled into renting a theater, getting an event sponsor, planning a menu, collecting donations for a silent auction and raffle. To now, we have press coming and actual celebrities who want to attend. How the fuck did this happen? Don’t get me wrong, this is going to be an amazing show. But it’s just a lot for me to wrap my head around since I originally just wanted to have it in my garage.  Now it’s expanded beyond anything I could imagine but I’m afraid of embarrassing myself.  What if no one shows up? What if my special guests don’t show up? What if no one gets my vagina jokes? What if no one bids on the silent auction items that people so generously donated? And since I’ve never done this before I’m worried our sponsor will be disappointed and not feel they’re getting enough out of it for what they donated. I’m scared these two amazingly funny women coming on to be my guests will never want to talk to me again because I asked them too many pervy questions. And that my friends will think I’m being uppity instead of genuinely generous (it has been pointed out to me. I get it.) This is a lot of pressure I’ve accidentally put on myself and that’s why I’m up late blogging instead of resting. Basically this is just me getting the pre-show jitters off my chest the night before the show.  I’m already planning my blog about what I’ve been learning during my first attempt at a fundraiser. And it’s a doozie.

IMG_4160As I sit here in my purple shirt going over my notes, staring at the dress I want to wear tomorrow night, and the mom pants I know I SHOULD wear, I realize that none of those things really matter.  Ultimately what’s important is raising every dollar we can to help those kids.  1 in 5 children goes to school hungry every day. That’s shocking for me to think about because America is supposedly the land of milk and honey. The land of excess, wealth and power. Most parents  don’t think that there are kids in your child’s class that haven’t eaten in days because their parents can’t afford to buy food. Or maybe they simply don’t realize there are government programs that can help them.  So they go to school, or spend the summer with nothing or very little to eat. That breaks my heart. How can we expect our kids to grow up and be quality leaders if they don’t have food to eat, to be able to focus in class and do well in school. It’s a cycle that perpetuates hunger and poverty. And yet here I sit worried about whether the crab puffs will be warm enough, or if my sponsor likes the step and repeat, and if I can fit into my dress. (legit concern though).  It just reminds me to keep things in perspective. And although I’m challenging my comfort zone now, the next time won’t be as much of a challenge. In fact it might be down right easy.  Because I will probably have it in my garage.

Tell me about a time you crept out of your comfort zone? How did it work out for you? Did you go running back into your zone? I feel ya…