7 Ways REAL Moms Deal with Toddler Tantrums

I was up late drinking some wine, and also maybe a beer when I wrote this. So take it with a grain of salt…on your margarita. Any mom with a toddler can tell you tantrums are THE WORST! They are like unexpected, ticking time bombs, that leave a path of tears and devastation in their wake. And that’s just for mom! Here are few of the not-so-useful, but entertaining ways you can deal with a tantrum.

1. Laugh
Laughter is without a doubt the best medicine in any situation, right? So when your kid starts to lose his shit over a penny that fell in the car seat crack and he can’t reach it, just start laughing. Like really, really hard. Sure he’ll think you’re nuts, but think of the bonus ab workout you’ll get!
2. Cry
Just like laughing, but opposite. If you match the wailing tear-for-tear, it might get her attention long enough so she’ll stop crying over the door she wants to open. Then close. Then open. Obviously she’ll need therapy when she’s older because her mom was always bawling, but you will stop that tantrum in its tracks. And that’s the goal friends.
3. Turn on Game of Thrones
This may not help in any way with the tantrum.  But at least you can look at Jon Snow for a hot minute before he gets brutally murdered. Plus, he could come back. Keep hope alive ladies!
4. Sing
Nothing stops a toddler dead in their tracks like mom doing a full on Les Miz inspired dance number in the middle of Target. I mean, why should they be the only ones who get all the attention?
5. Drink
This one should be obvious, but sometimes we need a little reminder. That bottle of wine isn’t going to drink itself.  Besides, it’s not like they can have any.
6. Gently console and acknowledge their feelings
Bwahahaha!  Like this ever works. But kudos to all those moms who tried it and took an elbow to the face in the process.  Don’t give up!
7. Run
I don’t mean at the gym, I mean physically just start running wherever you are. Her tantrum starts to flare up in the grocery store because there’s no kiddie shopping cart? Take off running. You bought tickets to see the latest Pixar flick, but it’s not Nemo and you can’t make it Nemo? Run baby. You present him with a colorful meal that was a sure-fire bet for toddlers on Pinterest, and he tosses the plate on the floor? Don’t even put on shoes, just run away. Eventually when you stop running, you will either be in an entirely different place, thus no tantrum.  Or maybe you’ve run around in a circle and your kid will forget why they were crying by the time you get back. 
Disclaimer: Before starting any new tantrum regimen, please speak to your doctor. And make sure you are fully stocked with #5.