I hate to tell you this, but I’m basically a musketeer now. Or swashbuckler. Something like that. That’s the title you get when you take a fencing class right? Well that’s the title I gave myself. I tried fencing as part of my #MIH15by15 and it turns out it’s a great way to exercise and learn a new skill! Who knew? Okay lots of people probably knew that but now I do too.

All the stars aligned when my old, old, old (haha!) friend Nikki said she was coming in town for an impromptu visit. You see, Nikki is a highly skilled (albeit retired)  fencer and was even ranked in the U.S. at one point. I could think of no one better to come watch me try to thrust a sword (he he he). Get your mind out of the gutter!

Heather and Nikki fencing

You can’t tell, but I’m terrified!

We visited Swordplay in Burbank. I suited up, and learned about the different tools of the sport from our deft teacher Scott. My heart was racing, which is probably why I was sweating from the start.  I was also moving back and forth, dodging my opponents swipes and pokes. And trying to get in a few jabs of my own. Exciting! But it turns out, I’m terrified of stabbing someone or getting stabbed. Not an entirely unreasonable fear. It helped me realized fencing is a great workout option for those looking outside the fitness box. And, I have mad respect for fencers and musketeers.


Check out Swordplay or a fencing class near you and tell me how you did!