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I tried a really FUN workout this week as a kick-off to my #MIH15by15 challenge. It’s called Plyojam. The website says it’s “a hot, edgy Los Angeles based dance fitness format that provides the intensity level comparable to that of an Insanity workout, but remains the fun, sexy dance party that so many crave.”  All true!  I danced my butt off not even realizing I was also working out until the end when I was sore and covered in sweat. Yay! Side note: if you haven’t seen me dance, you are missing out. It is a sight to behold…

Plyojam was founded by cardio dance master Jason Layden.  He has so much energy it was contagious for everyone in the class.  Plyojam CEO Stacey Beaman was up front and center rockin’ the steps right along with him. That’s something really inspiring to see. They both believe in their program so much they teach it, and use it for their personal workout.

plyojamheather and jason layden

If you’re wondering, Plyojam is a play on the words “plyometrics” and duh, jam. The plyometrics part involves a lot of jumping. Like, a lot. Plyos “are exercises based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible, with the goal of increasing both speed and power.” So add your favorite jams to that and you have a challenging workout with songs you listen to on the radio or Sirius/XM if you’re fancy. Jason even threw in some classics for us old folks (Helloooo Tootsie Roll!)

For more information on taking a Plyojam class in your area, or to get a DVD so you can try it at home go to  I for one am going to get my butt to their new class in Silverlake at some point. Once I’m done being sore. It starts Jan. 30th!

And a big thank you to Jason and Stacey for helping me kick-off my weight loss challenge!

heather jason and stacey post workout