slide_piloxing_3It’s #MIH15by15 time and my friend Claudia Dolph from Geek Girl Authority suggested we go Piloxing. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s Pilates-based, but adds boxing and dance to the routine.  Claudia is a former ballet dancer so this was right up her alley.  The high-energy dance movements were peppered with classic ballet moves. Truthfully those were the hardest parts for me because I have no balance. Seriously, I fall over when I’m walking down the hall. Sober.

Without a doubt my favorite parts were the punches and kicks because deep inside I’m an action star and want to play a female Jason Statham. We wore small, weighted gloves that really helped when we were doing air speed bags and a cross punch. After this class I have definitely added kickboxing to my list of #MIH15by15 plans. I did it in college and actually dabbled in Tae Kwon Do for a bit. I even entered a match!  But I realized the entire time we were fighting I was so scared the other girl was going to punch me in the face. Which kind of defeats the point I think.



No face punches at Piloxing though. Just a fast-paced, aerobic workout.  The instructor Colette was in such good shape that it’s hard to deny the benefits of Piloxing. And the class was pretty full so it looks like other people are catching on. I’m late to the game what can I say?

To put your inner boxing/dancer to the test, go to for more info and to find a class near you.