NERDSTRONG4If I haven’t admitted it yet during my #MIH15by15, I’m not fan of working out. But I am a fan of having fun while exercising. What’s the diff?  Take a look at my previous challenge workouts and you’ll see.  And, if you tell me I can combine my nerdiness with a great workout, then I say Engage! That’s exactly what Nerdstrong Gym is all about so I was geeked  to try it.

My friend Andie Bolt (Bunker Buddies podcast) first told me about Nerdstrong and thought I would like it. And she was right!  Nerdstrong’s website describes it as “fitness training for those of us who want to become heroes in a collaborative, not competitive, environment. It’s time to stop being the scruffy-looking nerf herder and time to get #nerdstrong. ”  Basically, they have themed CrossFit workouts every week that appeal to fans of geeky things. Some past examples are Dungeons and Dragons, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and The Avengers.  I was lucky enough to go on a day when they were doing a  Harry Potter workout. Merlin’s Beard!

NERSTRONG1After a light jogging warm-up, our class was sorted into our houses for our journey through Hogwarts. Yes. Sorted. With a sorting hat! (Quick note: Don’t ask a fellow nerd to take your picture at the gym. It may not be their strong suit and they might cut out said sorting hat.) I was sorted into Slytherin. (He He.) We were given a quick explanation of the exercises at each station, then it was time to get sweaty. Every station had a Harry Potter theme like the “Dark Arts”, which was not nearly as scary as it sounds.  We did our circuit 3 times, and followed up with some ab work. There was even an appearance by “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” which resulted in some rather intensified extra sweating. So so so great.  The coaches, Andrew D.  and Andrew S. were clearly having fun with theme as well, and encouraging every house to do their best while also guiding us to use proper form. Yes it was a lot of fun. But I can also tell you I’ve never squatted so much in my life.


Bottom line, I love it when people use their passion to create something they love and it’s clear that’s what the owners of Nerdstrong have done. Their website bios even list their nerd hobbies alongside their fitness credentials so you know they’re the real deal. The main thing I walked away with was how much everyone seemed to be enjoying working out.  There were no beefcakes, or bikini bods trying to out gym each other or intimidate.  It was just a group of real, down-to-earth people of all ages who wanted a fun way to workout and happen to also appreciate geeky things. I’ve never been more proud to be  a nerd.

If you want to let your geek flag fly while you workout, go to for information on classes.

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