There’s something very nostalgic about the idea of riding a bike. Not only does it remind me of that feeling of freedom I had when I was little, but it’s great exercise as well.  Cut to me 30 (ahem) years later and I decide to not just ride a bike again,  but take a spin class to get in a workout.


24 Hour Fitness spin class

I went to a spin class as part of my #MIH15by15 challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new workouts. My friend Mary (Hey girl!) teaches classes at 24 Hour Fitness where I’m also a member and she invited me to come check it out. Yes please!  After fiddling with the bike and futzing with the seat I finally settled in. I quickly realized this was not the gentle bike ride I had envisioned from my youth.

For the next hour I prayed that God would let me live and someone would magically bring ice to put between my butt and the seat. That shit is hard!  We went up, and down, and back and forth and I worked muscles I didn’t know I had much less would use on a bike. When it was over, my legs felt like jelly and Mary had to hold me up so I didn’t fall over and pass out in her class.

But here’s the upside: I was sweaty. Really sweaty and sore. That’s the goal right?  I want to move and sweat and get sore! And although I have to sit on a cushion for the next few hours and say gentle things to make my legs and butt feel better, it’s a good feeling. I did something I’ve never done before. I pushed myself waaaayyy outta that comfort zone and am feeling pretty bad ass. Thanks Mary for the inspiration! Now please excuse me while I go rub my rear.

Do you spin? How did you work through the pain of those tiny seats?