beerfit logoI had such high hopes when I signed up for the BeerFit LA race. In my quest to find challenging and unique ways to workout for the #MIH15by15, the BeerFit sounded like a perfect fit. It was advertised as a run where you drink a beer every 1/4 mile, then celebrate with an open bar at the finish line.  Racers also had the option of doing a full 5k with open bar at the end or run the Beer Mile, drinking beer along the route. Obviously I chose the Beer Mile because hey, less running more drinking! The video made it look like an awesome event, with a live band, people chugging full beers, dancing, all in a safe environment. Sadly, it was none of those things.

Just days before the race, the participants were sent an email saying they wouldn’t actually be getting full beers at each quarter-mile, and there would be no open bar at the finish line.They said it was due to county regulations they just found out about. We would now only get 5oz of beer at each quarter-mile and 2 beer tickets. Now, I understand that there are lots of regulations that limit these kinds of events so things don’t get out of control, but what I don’t understand is how they only found out about those regulations a week before the event. That’s not something that just slips by, right? The entire draw of the race, is the beer!  So basically you’re telling me I’m paying $40 ($80 when you add my husband) to drive to god forsaken Pomona, California and drink the equivalent of 3 beers then drive back? And it was Michelob Ultra. Insult to injury!

beerfit course

What they also didn’t mention is that we were in a giant parking lot with no shade. Just a big, ugly parking lot that had been roped off for the race. And there apparently was no cap on the number of people who could participate because it was so packed at the starting line we almost got trampled. It seemed as though in order to make up for the lack of beer at BeerFit, everybody decided to come already wasted, then drink more in the parking lot before driving off.  Some of the scariest, trashiest mofos were at this race and there were a few moments we were scared for our lives. It took nearly 30 minutes to get food from one of the 5 food trucks there, and don’t get me started on the porto-potties.  The stuff nightmares are made of.  I can take a little outdoor activity, but this was just unorganized and sad.

The only redeeming point of this event was the fact that some of the people I love most in the world were there to commiserate with me and protect me from the start line stampeded.  Like seriously people, how bad to you need to get to that 5 ounces of beer? Dumb. We tried to make the best of it and find a table to sit in the shade. But once we’d had our two tickets worth of beer there was really no other reason to stay. We left feeling sober, disappointed, and out fourty bucks. Total bummer.


To their credit the organizers did tell everyone that they would buy them a round of beer at a nearby bar to make up for the last-minute switcharoo. But come on. How are you going to invite the hundreds (thousands?) of people who were there to a local bar for a round of beer? That must have been complete chaos. We skipped that part because we knew we had a ridiculously long drive home.  And through all this the organizers never updated their website to reflect the fact that they in fact were restricting the amount of alcohol during the event. It’s updated now to say 2 beer after party for future races but it wasn’t when I check the day before the LA race. That means some people bought tickets at the premium price of $60 and only got basically 2 1/1 beers. Major bummer.

Despite this let down I will still press on with my #MIH15by15 and seek out new and exciting ways to get moving. Yes I realize that drinking beer while exercising isn’t exactly getting me to my goal in a very efficient way. But it sounded fun! It was advertised as fun.  We even had a designated driver to make sure we had safe fun.  But next time, I think I’ll just save my money and jog to a bar by my house to buy a few beers and skip the BeerFit bummer.