I love summertime in LA.  It’s always so full of life. There are tons of outdoor activities from movies in the cemetery and on the Santa Monica Pier, to concerts at the Bowl. These are all fantastic summer outings, but after I became a mom, summers look a little different.

chan on kickboard

I find I’m the most happy going on evening walks with my daughter. The amount of joy she gets riding around on her Micro Deluxe Kickboard scooter is contagious.  Watching the sun shine off her reddish-blonde hair as she glides down the sidewalk …reminds me that I’m living in the salad days.

chan holes up scooter

When she first opened her new Micro she squealed, “It’s pink!!” I definitely have a girl who embraces pink. But she’s also very physically active so the Micro was the perfect choice to get my girl moving. It also has an adjustable T-bar which is fantastic because Channing is so tall. And it’s low to the ground and steers easily in case she gets a little wild. Which she’s definitely known to do.

It’s been fun teaching her to put her foot on the “M” and scoot with the other foot. She was on a tricycle just a few months ago and now she’s racing on her hot pink scooter like a boss. Who is this big girl?? Honestly that saying “the years are short but the days are long” has really hit home this summer.

micro kickboard

With her helmet on tight (safety first!), she grabs the handle bars like a pro. The nice thing about the Micro is that it’s very sturdy, and turns easily. She’s learning about balance, coordination, and street safety and she has no idea because she’s having so much fun.  I even said to my husband that she might try skateboarding one day since she loves the scooter so much. We can hardly get her off it!

family scooting

There will definitely still be outdoor movies and concerts in our future. But for now I’m content to watch her grow and glide down our streets with a Micro smile, that’s anything but small.

Th Micro Deluxe Kickboard is available online and in stores. It comes in 8 different colors and is made for kids from 2-5 years old.


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