What. Am. I. Wearing.

What. Am. I. Wearing.

November 15th is my birthday.  And my husband will tell you I like to start celebrating in October. Sometimes September. Birthdays were a big deal when I was growing up. My mom loved throwing me parties and spending way more money than we had. As a result I’m now an adult who expects the world to stop and buy me balloons and cake on my big day. Parents take note of the monster you could create if you over-celebrate.

Mary Diaz

As a gift to myself I asked one of my favorite people in the world to come on the show. Chris Hemsworth was unavailable. But my BFF Mary Diaz was happy to step in!  Mary is a co-host of the Weekly Dictator podcast, honorary auntie to Channing, and a Scorpio. Need I say more? Probably not. But I will!  Her birthday is also this week which is an amazing stroke of programming prowess I’d say. She’ll be celebrating her 25th (wink wink) on the 13th.  Mary was also one of the first people to hold Chan after she was born. And that is a HUGE deal because I don’t even share my food much-less my newborn. But the best part are all the adventures we’ve had. Like the time we went on a couples cruise that resulted in one of the best photo bombs of all time. (see tiger pic)

tiger photobomb

Yep. That’s my husband Chris photobombing the Diaz’ and a tiger.

In this episode we talk about her Weekly Dictator podcast coming to an end, her dedication to fitness, and our mutual hatred for those who have wronged us. All while I shove about 2 dozens pieces of chocolate in my face. Try to ignore the sounds of the candy wrappers over, and over, and over again. Sorry about that. It was my post-Halloween binge.



The Goodnight Moon Baby Shower thrown by Auntie Mary

Mary threw me a very fancy Goodnight Moon baby shower.

Bottom line, I love this lady so much. Not just because she will totally “Mean Girls” someone with me, or  pretend to smell Channing’s stinky feet just to make her giggle. But for all of the wonderful things she is and does for my family.  She loves my daughter as much as I do and that is a friendship worth celebrating and sharing.  So if you think about it, this episode is as much a gift to me as it is to you. Happy Birthday everyone!

Mary holding Chan on her first day in this world!

Mary holding Chan on her first day in this world!

You can find Mary on Twitter @NotMomMaterial and on Instagram @Pirated.

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