When you first heard that Marvel Studios was making Inhumans you probably went, what’s that? And that’s okay. It’s one of the lesser-known stories from the Marvel Comics but has a fan following none the less.  Marvel first announced they were bringing Inhumans to the big screen back in 2014, then backtracked a bit, instead sending it to television but keeping it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So where does that leave us? Inhumans is set to appear as a series on ABC on Sept. 29th but in a smart financial move, Marvel partnered with IMAX for a limited release of the first 84 minutes of the show.  The goal being to generate buzz, but also recoup some costs. The IMAX presentation made $2.6 million worldwide which experts guess effectively pays for the show.  I saw it in IMAX at the premiere and it was beautiful. I was really curious to see if a TV show could translate to the big screen because we all know films can live on TV. I’m not sure it was quite the right fit for this story, but I still enjoyed it.

Speaking of the premiere, I was excited to talk to the cast and ask them about their inhuman powers and their thoughts on the show. Under Marvel’s tight spoiler contracts they couldn’t say much about the storyline. But the running theme seemed to be that they were all excited to work on a Marvel property and help tell a great story. Showrunner Scott Buck tells me why he and Marvel chose this story to tell and he says it’s all about family.

The royal family is from Attilan, a hidden city on Earth’s Moon. The people of Attilan have inhuman-like abilities that are chosen during a special ceremony with the royal family. Once their abilities appear, they are then divided into a sort-of caste system where they will contribute to society. Black Bold, Medusa, Maximus, Crystal, Karnak and Gorgon are all part of the Royal Family ruling the Inhumans.  Maximus, played by Iwan Rheon of GOT fame, betrays the family thus thrusting them into chaos on a new planet. I won’t give too much away except to say, I wish there was a little more focus on the family in the beginning instead of the betrayal.  I think that might have helped avoid some of the negative reviews.

Regardless, audiences can decide for themselves if they want to invest in the Royal Family of Attilan. The first two episodes are now screening in IMAX theaters for two weeks.  It will then premiere on ABC at 8:00 pm ET on September 29.

You can watch my interviews with the cast, showrunner Scott Buck and the Head of Marvel Studios Jeph Loeb on my YouTube channel.

Marvel’s Inhumans stars Anson Mount, Serinda Swan, Iwan Rhoen, Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish, Mike Moh, Sonya Balmores and Ellen Woglomas.