Lullubee Cookie Cutter Crafts

Lullubee Cookie Cutter Crafts

Hey everyone! I had the pleasure of trying another product from my friends at Lullubee, a DIY craft company that gets kids, parents and grandparents in on creating crafts. This time we tried out their adorable Cookie Cutter Crafts.  I let Chan choose which one to try and she picked the butterfly.

The idea behind it is to make a fun craft with a cookie cutter shape. And then use it to make cookies. That sounds amazing! I was curious to see how this would all come together because when we opened the box there were 3 balls of wool, some glitter glue sticks, a cookie cutter and some ribbon. The directions were easy to follow and we quickly figured out how to create our cookie cutter butterfly.  It clearly says not to add too much water, but we accidentally did. However I’m happy to report we just gave the wool a little extra drying time and all was well.

Chan inspecting the wool Lullubee box

Channing really had fun getting her hands in the cookie cutter and pressing the wool down. She felt like such a big girl!  But it was hard for her to resist pulling it back out, and then squeezing all of the glitter glue on the butterfly.  I have a feeling if she was a little bit older she would be more in control of the decorating part.  I can also envision her using the wool to create other shapes on her own.  The box recommends 5 and up and I’d say that’s about right. We made a necklace with our butterfly and the string but she just wanted to fly the butterfly around the room.

pouring water

We have not yet made cookies with our cookie cutter but as soon as I find a new recipe we will. Who doesn’t love cookies?  Bottom line, I had no idea wool could be so malleable. What a clever idea to use it in a cookie cutter!  We had so much fun making our butterfly that I want to share the fun with you. Find Motherhood in Hollywood on Instagram and enter my drawing to win 2 Cookie Cutter Crafts and see for yourselves how cool wool is!





You can also buy Cookie Cutter Crafts from There are 5 designs at $15.95 each.

(disclaimer: Lullubee provided me with a free sample of their products to review and giveaway to my listeners. But my opinion on the products are my own. That’s how I roll. Thanks Lullubee!)