Splash screenIf you’re anything like me you love to be organized.  I thrive on keeping my calendar up-to-date, making lists, and checking things off. I’m currently juggling a lot of balls (hehe) in the air… auditions, podcast, website, mom stuff, wife stuff, etc. And it can be tough to keep track of everything especially when it comes to Channing. I never want her to fall through the cracks of my busy life.

Enter Little Peanut On The Go! I found this helpful app and have been using it for the past few weeks. LPOTG lets you create packing and to-do lists, build care schedules to share with caregivers, and check in on your child’s day while you’re away. It was quick and easy to download. Then I set up my family information and got started making my plans.  The app let’s you send information to the person caring for your child while you’re away from home. You can also connect with your kids through the app with messages and pictures so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. When I scheduled a time for my caregiver the app sent her an email confirming what time she was needed. From there she could accept the plan or reject it. She accepted and my plan automatically went to her app with all the information I had set up including what the event was, what to bring, and all the emergency contact information for our family.  No need to write a note and put it on the fridge. This app has everything at their fingertips. Obviously your caregiver would need to also download the app, but it’s free for caregivers.

Getaway Planning Guide Getaway packing listGetaway care schedule

To be honest, I don’t use caregivers very often so the best features of this app for me are the scheduling, tasks and what to pack.  When I’m rushing out the door to go to a play date, it’s a great tool to remember what I need to take with me. Especially if we have errands to run after the play date. It’s a great reminder to bring things like an extra pair of pants for your potty training toddler. Trust me. You don’t want to forget those.


Little Peanut On The Go is free for parents to download with an in-app upgrade charge of 2.99 to add plan sharing to the features. It’s available in the Apple Store and on Google Play. For more information about how LPOTG can work for you visit www.littlepeanutonthego.com