Putting into words what it’s like becoming a mother is tricky. For some, the words flow easily and they are filled with beautiful stories and smart analogies. For others, there’s lots of swears and a through-line of, “am I doing this right?”  I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle. Ah fuck it. I’m definitely the latter. That’s why when I met Lindsay Kavet and found out about Expressing Motherhood I couldn’t wait to hear more about it.

expressing motherhood

Expressing Motherhood is an ongoing live stage show where moms, and sometimes dads, share their stories about motherhood. Lindsay co-created the show with her friend Jessica Cribbs and have been performing it with a rotating cast all over the US since 2008. I first found out about Expressing Motherhood from my friend Jill Simonian from TheFabMom.com (hey gurrrl!). She saw that I am clearly a gifted writer and have a deep-seeded need (read: desperate) to perform and thought this would be a perfect place to feed my soul. I think she might be onto something….

Expressing Motherhood Co-Founder Lindsay Kavet

Expressing Motherhood Co-Founder Lindsay Kavet

I was lucky enough to have Lindsay come on the show and tell me more about the #ExMoShow and what it’s all about. We also talked about how moms are represented in Hollywood today, and both agreed Hollywood could be doing a better job of casting more realistic versions of moms. Or at least tell better stories about them. I mean, not all of us are frazzled and running around like a chicken with our head cut off trying to do it “all”. Mother’s Day, I’m looking at you.

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We also talked about her first play date rejection,  how important mom friendships can be, and what it’s really like raising a kid in Hollywood. The actual city, not the “scene.” And Lindsay shares how you can get involved with Expressing Motherhood. It could be just the big break you’re looking for to share that story about your toddler pooping in the dog’s water dish!

For more information go to ExpressingMotherhood.com

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