I wish I had the Lansinoh SmartPump when I was pumping.  Instead I had a random pump that I registered for at Target. I didn’t do any research and had no idea that whatever pump I used would become my new BFF over the next year. File this one under lesson learned.


Now I can pass along my sage advice to you! Make sure you add the Lansinoh SmartPump to your research when deciding on your registry.

It’s a great option for modern moms, busy moms, and moms who like gadgets. This is the first breast pump to use Bluetooth technology.  No, you don’t pair it with your speakers! You pair it with the Lansinoh Baby app.

Lansinoh Baby app


The app helps you track  your pumping by automatically recording the date, time and duration of each session. Handy when your mind is sleep deprived, or focuses on snuggling your newborn.

The app also lets you record the amount of breastmilk you pump. That can come in handy if you feel like you’re over producing or under producing.

It’s an immediate record you can share with your doctor or healthcare provider. It also features a hygienic closed-system design to prevent bacteria growth and mold inside the pump. This is super important to have.

breast pumping mom

But here’s the BEST PART! I’m so proud to welcome Lanisoh as a sponsor of Motherhood in Hollywood!  So thrilled in fact, I want to GIVEAWAY a Lansinoh SmartPump, a $200 value.

Here’s how you can enter to win!

  1. SEARCH for Motherhood in Hollywood on iTunes or click here to be taken directly to my show page. http://apple.co/2bPYk9e

  2. Click SUBSCRIBE and DOWNLOAD the latest episode.

  3. Leave a REVIEW, not just a RATING, so I can see your entry. This is important because it’s how I will contact you! Must be posted by Sept. 9th.

  4. FOLLOW Lansinoh USA and Motherhood in Hollywood on Instagram. And that’s it!

I will pick a winner at random who meets all the above requirements.  This contest will run from Aug. 29th-Sept. 9th. 


Good luck everyone! And thanks for entering the Lansinoh SmartPump Giveaway!


*Disclaimer: I was compensated for my honest review and giveaway of this product.  Please visit my disclaimers page for more information.