I first heard about the all-powerful IMDb.com (Internet Movie Database) about 10 years ago when I started my acting journey. Little did I know just HOW powerful this database would be.

imdb pro known for

If you don’t know or aren’t on IMDb then you need to get on it! It’s a site that keeps track of every person who’s ever worked on a film or television project. From gaffers to crafty, everyone is listed here as proof that they were involved in the production. It also lists agencies, managers, and other companies in entertainment. It’s truly an invaluable resource.

As actors it’s vital to have your projects listed in their database, along with your contact info because casting uses it EVERYDAY! They look up your credits and rep info when considering to call you in. And if you’re not there, you might miss out on an audition. Yikes!

close up known for

IMDb has a feature called “known for” and it has haunted me for years. That’s because through some ridiculous algorithms they had in place, it pre-determined what you as an actor are most “known for”. And up until now, mine said I was known for  Strange Felony Files, and North Mission Road. Both were crime reenactment shows that I did when I first moved to LA.

So despite the fact that I’ve been on The Office, The Mindy Project and The Middle (basically, famous) I was only known for these shows I did 10 years ago for $25. And when casting first glances as your profile and they see that, you have to hope they keep looking through your profile otherwise it looks like you haven’t worked in 10 years!

heather known for imdb

Well the point of all this blather, is to let you know that you can now change what you’re known for on IMDb! They just launched a new feature for IMDbPro members where you can select the credits you want to highlight in the known for section. Finally!

Here’s how you can update your known for credits:

  • On your computer, visit My Profile 
  • Select the “Edit” icon next to the “Known For” credits 
  • Choose up to four titles from your existing filmography 


It takes about 24 hours to update on the site and you can be known for the things you actually want to be known for. Hurray for actors getting a little bit of control back in their careers! Will you update your known for? Or let it ride?