To say I throw epic Halloween parties would be an understatement. I always go way above and beyond to create just enough chill and thrill each Halloween. Well I did anyway before I had a baby. Now I eat tons of candy and go to bed by 10.

halloween costume ideas

About 6 years ago at one of these parties I made a delicious and totally gross kitty litter cake and it absolutely had the desired effect of giving my guests the gags. So much so that no one wanted to eat it! The few who tried the cake were pleasantly surprised that it actually tasted good. And since then lots of people keep asking me how I made it.

kitty litter cake

So if you want to lean more on the gross side of your Halloween party foods here’s a super easy recipe that will do the trick.

Kitty Litter Cake


  • Buy a standard/small size kitty litter box and a pooper scooper
  • 2 vanilla cake mixes or you can do it from scratch if you’re fancy
  • 1 tubs of vanilla buttercream icing
  • 1 package of vanilla Oreos or generic sandwich cookies
  • 1 package of Tootsie Rolls
  • Green food coloring


  • Make your cakes and let them cool
  • While the cakes are cooling finely chop all the cookies in a blender
  • Mix the cookie bits with 2-3 drops of food coloring (not too much! You just want a little color)
  • Place one cooled cake in the bottom of your litter pan and cut to fit
  • Ice the top of that cake with buttercream, then place the second cake on top and repeat
  • Take 8-10 Tootsie Rolls and place them in the microwave for about 10-12 seconds. Just enough time to get them soft
  • Roll them in your hands and stretch them out until they look like, well, cat poop
  • Once both cakes are iced and in the pan, sprinkle your “litter” on the top
  • Place your “poop” rolls in as many creative places in the cake and around the pan so it looks real
  • Garnish with litter scoop

kitty litter cake

Then you get to sit back as I did and watch your friends and family look horrified that you would leave your little pan on the dinner table. So gross. But so good! If you make the cake, share your pics with me in the comment section or on my Facebook page.

Happy Halloween everyone!