I learned so much in this episode about PR! Do you need a publicist? What performer doesn’t like the idea of someone whose sole job is it so talk them up to the media? My guest is Katie Barker, Vice President of Publicity for CBS and she is a wealth of information kids, so listen up!

I asked her when actors need a publicist and when they don’t and the answer might surprise you. Katie works with some of the biggest names in television today like LL Cool J, Michael Weatherly, and Scott Bakula. That’s because she represents the entire “NCIS” franchise, as well as the new Joel McHale show coming out this fall called “The Great Indoors” on CBS.


She explains the difference between a network publicist, a studio publicist and personal publicist. She also talks about the challenges of working the red carpet and trying to get press coverage for a client because the media isn’t interested in talking to everyone who walks the carpet. Who knew?

Side note: I’m terrified one day I’ll be walking down the carpet, all dressed up, and no one will want to talk to me. Just like prom!

katie and family katie's daughters










I also love that Katie is a mom of 2 adorable little girls and her husband Sean is a voice over artist and actor. It’s impressive that she has the energy to talk up her actors and shows all day and still manage to find time for family. She says one trick she’s learned is to plan meals ahead. That’s helped her on those days she’s running late from work, or everyone’s tired. It helps to have a plan in place for dinner.

She also tells very mom moment story about having to pump breast milk in the bathroom at the Grammy’s while Adele was performing on stage. The things we sacrifice for our kids!

There is so much good stuff in this episode. If you’re an actor, or know an actor you have to give it a listen. For example, did you know that for larger roles, a publicist might be searching for your social media imprint to see what you’re all about? They also have some input on casting so you better get your social media in order folks! This ain’t your grandma’s Hollywood!

katie and michael weatherly


I had to ask her who some of her favorite pr-friendly actors were. She was quick to name Michael Weatherly who has a new show called Bull coming out this fall on CBS. And she says LL Cool J inspires people within the first few minutes of meeting them. Aahh!! Now I want to meet him!

I can’t thank Katie enough for taking the time to share her unique perspective for actors so that we can learn and grow in our field. Also we are very excited for our dear friends Heather and Mark who just got engaged. We may be taking over their wedding planning LOL

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