There are so many ideas swirling around in my head these days, I’m finding it hard to narrow them down to just one.  I’ll start something, then abandon it immediately because of self-judgement, or time crunch, or whatever excuse I’ve come up with.  Then I have to remind myself what my former writing teacher said.  Just write! Vomit out your ideas then go back and edit as needed.  Just write.

Just Write

So I’m writing.

My friend Daisy (Ep. 8) is doing a 30-in-30 on her Broadway Baby Blog which is very inspiring.  But I find the call of Facebook, twitter, my podcast…too tempting some days.  Invariably I end up being completely sucked down a rabbit hole of social media and whatever free time I have is gone.

My husband says it’s chronic procrastination.  Is that a thing? If so I have it.  I think it comes from years of writing in local news.  Everything in news is so last-minute, under the gun, fast fast fast. You don’t really ever plan ahead, because if a story breaks or your reporter’s live shot takes a dump, you have to be ready to switch it up and do something else.  I find I work best under deadlines and pressure.  I need to find a way to add a daily pressure to my writing.  Not just for Motherhood in Hollywood, but for that movie Spielberg wants to produce but doesn’t know it yet. Or Judd Apatow. I can’t remember.

Do you have suggestions for making time to write with a toddler in tow? I’d love to hear what others are doing to achieve their writing goals and give them a try.  Or not. I see a Facebook notification that needs my immediate attention…