I sat down with Jordana Brewster at a recent holiday beauty bar hosted by Pond’s and was immediately struck by how much she glows. The mom of 2 clearly has her beauty routine on point so I couldn’t wait to ask her what she’s doing, and how she’s doing it and she was more than willing to dish on her faves.

Heather Brooker and Jordana Brewster at the Pond’s Beauty Bar event.

But first, we chatted about Halloween with her kids Rowan and Julian. I’ve always wondered if celebrities do Halloween just like us regular folks and it turns out, they do, just in nicer neighborhoods. She said her family life is what keeps her grounded in the crazy world of Hollywood.

She credits her role as Mia Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise for re-invigorating her career. The box office numbers brought in from those films helped her to be able to be more choosey when picking other roles and she says it gave her the confidence to be able to start a family. There’s always an underlying fear in Hollywood that if you want to have kids, you have to put your career on hold or end it all together. Many of the women I’ve interviewed have said that hasn’t been their experience, but that doesn’t it mean it doesn’t happen on some level.

Perhaps my favorite nugget of info from our conversation came from her revealing her sense of humor. She says she has a dirty, dark and dry sense of humor which I could immediately relate too. We also bonded over our love of the Pamela Adlon show Better Things, which is an honest portrayal of what being a mom is like in the entertainment business. I asked her if she would ever want to do comedy and she says she’s not sure a broad comedy is in her wheelhouse, but she would definitely be down for something darker.

When asked about the recent outpouring of solidarity from women in Hollywood who’ve been affected by the #MeToo sexual harassment allegations she says she can sense a shift in the types of roles women are playing, and the types of roles women want to see on film and television.

“Women want to see themselves on screen, whether it’s television or movies. and I think that’s why the material has grown so much richer. There’s now a shift, Pamela Adlon’s show is a great reflection of that, or Lena Dunham’s show Girls.”

Brewster says she also felt shift in her own life when she became a mom.

“I feel things so much more deeply and the stakes are raised. You have such a deeper sense of purpose when you have kids.”

Getting back to that glow, I had to ask her what her favorite holiday beauty products are. She had a few of them to show me and we bonded over our nostalgia for Pond’s, a company she’s also an ambassador for. She has memories of her mother using Pond’s and I have memories of my great-grandmother using it. Pond’s has been around for more than a hundred years and they’re obviously doing something right to keep women coming back for more. Now they’re releasing new products to help busy women on the go, like the Pond’s MoistureClean Towlettes that help you remove makeup easily.

Jordana’s Beauty Faves Include:


Josie Maran Argan Color Stick


Hourglass Mascara & Highlighter


Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Gel

Hearing the news that Jordana will be back on the Fast & Furious sets for the next 2 movies made me happy and suddenly I felt more excited to see these movies than I ever have before. Motherhood and swapping beauty secrets has a way of bonding women together. And although I may still be envious of her glow, I am thrilled to have some insights into how she glows from the inside out.

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