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MomCo_Logo_App IconIn less than a year the MomCo app has taken off like a SoCal wildfire. It’s quickly become the go-to app for moms looking to set up play dates, meet other moms and find services all at your fingertips. MomCo app creator Jillian Darlington is such a smart lady for realizing this is something ALL moms need (sorry dads, get your own app!) Jillian explains how Tinder, yes THAT Tinder, played a role in creating the MomCo app. I really love how honest she is in this episode about the challenges women face when starting their own business.  The business world, especially in tech, is still very male dominated. And even a woman with a great idea can face resistance. How annoying!

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Jillian also let me ask her some super personal questions about her dating life.  Yes, I am that nosy! She was so gracious in answering all my questions. But mostly you can tell she is passionate about her son, her business and staying loyal to her friends.  Sounds like someone I need to set up a play date with!  If only there was an app I could use…


Co-Founder Beth Bryan (left) and CEO & Founder Jillian Darlington (right)

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