Jessica Hall is a beautiful, sexy mama! I think it’s safe to say the assumption that moms can’t be sexy is officially over. On this week’s podcast, Jessica talks with me about her time as a Playboy model and how it impacted her career, marriage, and eventual motherhood.

One of the things I loved learning about Jessica is that she has no regrets. She tells me posing for Playboy launched her career in ways she never imagined. And that it made her a more confident and sexy mother. I know some people don’t associate Playboy with parenthood. But many of the women who pose for Playboy eventually go on to become moms and I wanted to explore that side of motherhood in Hollywood.


Jessica met her husband when she was in her early 20’s and they’ve been together nearly 14 years now. She has a little girl who is almost 2, and another baby one on the way. She tells me they are waiting to find out the sex of the new baby. I guessed another girl so we’ll see! She tells me her struggles are just the same as other moms dealing with toddler tantrums while being pregnant. Except she somehow manages to look amazing while doing it. I should have asked for her secret!

She tells me about her relationship with best friend Kendra Wilkinson and how they quickly became inseparable. Jessica also hosted a Playboy radio show, was a TV host and stars on Kendra’s reality show Kendra On Top on WeTv. But she has no plans for her own reality show. For now she says she’s just enjoying life with her husband and being a mom. Sounds pretty sexy to me!

You can find out more about Jessica on her website where she discusses issues ranging from health and fitness to toddlers and travel.

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