JenniferWeedonGreenHurray for Mom Actors! If you’ve listened to my show at all you know I’ve talked about how it’s becoming increasingly more important for actors and people in the entertainment industry to create their own content. It’s almost kind of a buzzy thing to say. (that’s why I say it) There are many reasons behind this, namely connecting with other people in the industry, learning a new skill, and keeping your creative juices flowing until Hollywood comes a’callin.

That’s why I was so excited to talk to MomCave TV founder Jennifer Weedon. She’s taken her career by the balls and started her own YouTube Channel with LIVE guests, funny videos and smart sketches aimed at moms. MomCave is billed as “a network of snarky comedies for moms.” Love it! Her videos are sassy, real, funny and most of all, as advertised.  Jennifer tells me what she’s learned since starting MomCave TV and how she feels creatively fulfilled. Something I can totally relate to since that’s what  I’m experiencing through Motherhood in Hollywood.  I’m so glad Jennifer took the time to talk with me and share her experiences as a mom, actress, and business owner.  MIH is not an inspirational podcast, but if you are accidentally inspired by this episode…well…I can’t help that. Consider it a gift.

MomCave new banner for YouTube

Find out more about MomCave TV on their website and check out the MomCave TV channel on YouTube! PLUS, tune in to the MomCave TV channel Thursday 2/11 1EST/10PST to see yours truly dishing on what moms really want for Valentine’s Day!