Jenni Pulos is having a major moment right now. She just welcomed her second child, daughter Georgia Grace, into this world and her hit Bravo TV show Flipping Out is about to debut its 10th season.  Can someone give this mama a round of applause, or mimosas? That’s some exciting stuff!

Jenni is Jeff Lewis’ Executive Assistant on the show and is often his voice of reason when he’s, you know, flipping out. We love this show because of the odd couple relationship Jeff and Jenni have. She tells me the great part of doing this show with Jeff is that they actually are friends in real life. And like most friendships, they go through ups and downs and major life changes together. She says their fights and disagreements are real, and so are the compromises they make when working it out.

Due to the nature of reality TV we get to see some of the highlights of their lives play out before our eyes.  Like when Jenni met and married her now husband Dr. Jonathan Nassos. The couple welcomed their first child Alianna Marika in 2014. And since then, she’s been very open about motherhood and her struggle with infertility while trying to have a second child. She hopes that by sharing her story, other women will be inspired and know they aren’t alone in their situation.

Jenni said her co-stars have also been by her side during the struggles and triumphs in her life. She gives us a closer look into her friendship with Jeff and how he’s changed since becoming a parent as well. And she hints that in season 10 we’ll see a lot of Jeff and Gage learning about fatherhood and all of the joy and frustration that comes with it.  She also says that in season 10 we’ll see the return of some favorite clients, and they’ll be heading to Miami to work on the Queen of Versailles, a 90,000 square foot mansion. And of course, there will be employee drama and lots of flipping out. We can’t wait!

Jenni doesn’t know this yet, but we are probably going to be best friends. She was totally speaking my language during our conversation and I thought, is she reading my diary? She’s saying everything I need to hear right now. Isn’t that funny how people come into your life at just the right moment, even if it’s just on an awesome podcast, who inspire you in many ways? She reminded me to “Bloom where you’re planted” which is a very powerful way of saying, you’re where you’re supposed to be Heather Brooker, so embrace it!

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Here’s a sneak peek of season 10 of Flipping Out which airs Aug. 17th on Bravo.