jay-flats-hostMy friend Jay Flats stops by the MIH studio to talk about his many, many jobs entertaining thousands of people on a weekly basis. And you thought your job was hard! Jay is the In-Arena host for the LA Kings hockey team, and the audience warm-up host for the daytime talk show The Real.  What does it take to be entertaining, engaging and funny on your feet several times a day? Obviously that’s how I live my life. But I wanted to hear how Jay does it. Just to keep things in perspective. Jay is a great example of the wonderful people I’ve met on my journey as a mom in Hollywood. It’s not always about toddler tantrums and potty training on this show. Sometimes I talk about grown-up things!

Courtesy: Getty Images

Jay is the definition of a self-made man in Hollywood. He’s always working toward the next big thing, great at networking, and does his job very well. If you haven’t seen him in action get to the nearest Kings game or follow Jay online and see what he does next. Check out his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.