IMG_4584  I decided a while back that my #MIH15by15 wasn’t just going to be about losing weight. I want to make some overall quality of life improvements. After all it’s for my anniversary so why shouldn’t I treat myself a little? That’s why I couldn’t wait to try SkinWave Skin Care Treatment. SkinWave is an anti-aging skin tightening and wrinkle reduction treatment that uses Acoustic Wave Therapy to get those lines off your face.  That means, no needles, no pricey creams, and no surgery.

I had four treatments which is recommended to kick off your anti-aging goals.  After that a monthly or so maintenance visit is recommended.  Seeing as how my face has seen some hard living thanks to my 3-year-old and my love of wine, I knew they had a big job ahead.  The owner and technician George took good care of me.  He explained everything in the first visit and made sure I was completely comfortable.  The SkinWave machine looks fairly simple. And just FYI it makes a loud vibrating sound but don’t freak out! It doesn’t hurt. Depending on your pain tolerance some might find it uncomfortable at first but you get used to it. George let me try it on my hand before we began and it didn’t hurt at all.  In fact I fell asleep in almost every session because the vibrations relaxed me so much. That, and I’m tired constantly. #MomLife Before I could settle in for a long winters nap, the session was over.  It only takes about 25 minutes and you’re done.  Anti-aging treatments that you can do on your lunch break?  Why didn’t I think of that? I’d make millions! In the past few weeks I’ve had several people compliment my skin.  For me, the difference wasn’t dramatic, but just enough to notice. I feel like someone with deeper lines and wrinkles could really benefit the most from SkinWave.

SkinWave logo

Luckily the professionals at SkinWave thought of it and brought this incredible technology from Europe to us here in LA.  There’s an interesting history behind Acoustic Wave Therapy that my newsy side found fascinating.  Physicians have long used Acoustic Wave Therapy to ease the pain from poor blood circulation and stiff joints. And researchers found this technology  has proved successful for cosmetic purposes to reduce wrinkles and fatty tissue. The website says SkinWave can be used for:

  • Remodeling of the silhouette
  • Toning and smoothing of the skin
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Mobilization of the fatty tissue
  • Stretch marks fading
  • Anti-aging treatment

The only way to find out if SkinWave is right for you is to try it for yourself.  They offer a free consultation for friends of Motherhood in Hollywood so make sure you tell them I sent you and you can get started.

SkinWave is located at 222 North Canon Drive – Beverly Hills, CA 90210