Channing is dropping her nap.  I’m fighting it. Believe me, I’m fighting. I’ve pleaded with her to still “rest” or have “quiet time” as long as I can. Now I have to face the music.

Nap time is over.

nap time

She’s almost 3 1/2 so the experts say she’s right on schedule for losing the nap. The only problem is, I’m not ready. I use that couple of hours in the afternoon to return emails, take a shower, and watch Big Brother!  What am I going to do now?

I would be lying if I said I was coming up with lots of creative crafts, and planning play dates. I’m not. I’m too tired. I feel like this is why some parents have more than one kid, so they can play with each other.

The dreamy days of going on adventures during the day, then having a brief recuperation period in the afternoon are gone. Now it’s 14 straight hours of preschooler play time. And this kid has  TON of energy.

americana visit

I wish I could bottle up the energy of 3-year-olds and sell it to tired moms.  We would take over the world!

Unfortunately I can’t. I just have to muddle through somehow, hoping that occasionally she’ll still want to nap. If not, I’ve decided we are going to more happy hours. Who’s with me?? If she’s not napping then I see no reason why we can’t meet people out for drinks!

Here are the places I’d like to go for my new nap-free happy hour time:

  1. Au Fudge. I get emails from them telling me about their amazing happy hour events and I can never go. Now I will totally be there!
  2. Castaway in Burbank. If you haven’t been to Castaway yet, stop what you’re doing immediately and go there. The views are spectacular. And everyone knows drinks are better with a view. It’s on the list!
  3. The Morrison. This hip Los Feliz spot could use a little mama happy hour visit. We’ve had lunch here and must have said a million times, we should come back for happy hour. Looks like I might finally get to.
  4. Gracias Madre. WeHo. $6 happy hour menu. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Barney’s Beanery. I picked this one because Barney’s always looks so fun whenever I walk by. I want to have fun. If she’s not napping, we’ll be at Barney’s.

Okay these are just a few of the (random) ideas that I had for filling my newfound nap time slot. Who wants to go with me?

So consider me free for happy hours from now on. Ideally the happy hour dates would be in restaurants that allow children but I’m sure we could find a way around that.