Some days I think I have it all together. Then in one fell swoop things can fall spectacularly apart. I typically have some steps in place to pull it together but only because I’m an organization nerd. But I know that’s not easy for everyone. Enter the GITMom movement.

GITMom is a full service parenting coaching firm created by Eirene Heidelberger. She spends her days helping moms who feel like things are spinning out of control, regain control and well, get it together! She says…

“The GIT Mom system is the only system that focuses on the mom, rather than the kids, allowing Moms to give their children the parenting they need so they have time to do the activities they most enjoy!”

Eirene is a no BS lady and I like it. She uses her own experiences as a mother to help empower moms to parent more efficiently so that you have more “me” time. Sounds good to me!

Some of the things we cover:

  • Power struggles with your kids
  • Know what sets you off
  • Self-awareness is key to controlling your circumstances
  • How to stop the negativity online and in real life

Listen to this episode and tell me what steps you can take to take back control of your life as a mom. For more information on Eirene and how you can get her help, go to