Halle Stanford, President of Television for The Jim Henson Company (PRNewsfoto/The Jim Henson Company)

Three years ago I was lucky enough to be invited onto the Jim Henson Studios lot in Hollywood to interview executive producer Halle Stanford. Little did I know then how much of an impact she would have on my life. We hit it off immediately because Halle’s joy is contagious and she genuinely loves what she does, just like me!

Peter Brooke, Creative Supervisor of the Jim Henson Creature Shop and Aughra.


She introduced me to several puppeteers who were working on “Splash and Bubbles” while I was there. It was so cool to see how Henson Co. incorporates new technology with the classic art form of puppeteering.

A few months later she also connected me with the incredible creators of Indie Shakes – LA’s Independent Shakespeare Festival. I had no idea such a thing existed in LA. Now I look forward to every summer because it means I can support them and go see their shows.

And one of the coolest things Halle did was take me to the Jim Henson Creature Shop to see the puppets from Netflix’s “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.” For several hours I walked through each area where artists were molding, shaping, painting, and crafting each character from the show. I took dozens of pictures of the process which I recently shared on NBC LA along with a live look inside the Shop. I’ve been holding onto these pictures for 2 years and I am so excited to finally share them!

Which leads me to now. I got to sit down with Halle again to talk about this brilliant show she’s been working on for years, long before I got a sneak peek. She took time out of her busy show promotion schedule to sit down with me and talk about the powerful female characters in “Age of Resistance.” We also talked about how Henson Company and Netflix worked together to maintain Jim Henson and Frank Oz’ original vision while using modern technology.

“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” is streaming now on Netflix and fans have been very vocal in their support of the show. Some are already calling for a season two. Listen to this episode to find out what Halle has to say about that possibility. And you can follow the Jim Henson Company on Facebook and Instagram to see what other projects they are working on next.