This year has been a year of exploration for the Brookers! We started off in Florida on a spectacular Disney World and Disney Cruise Line adventure. And ended with a luxurious stay at Hotel del Coronado in San Diego with many trips by car in between. I realize as I get older I want to go places, see the sights and visit as many destinations as I can before Channing grows up
and moves out to start her own adventures.

So, I’m sharing some of my favorite SoCal trip destinations. It’s inspired by Alamo’s Scenic Route and Top Family Activities in Keystone, Colo.. Keystone is a winter wonderland this time of year. I remember visiting Keystone on my high school ski trips and loving how much there was to do there besides skiing.

You can ride on a horse-drawn sleigh, go tubing, or play in the world’s largest snow fort at Kidtopia. There are truly a ton of options when it comes to family activities in Keystone.

But if you’re just looking for a quick escape in sunny SoCal here are some ideas!

  • Marina del Rey
    This beautiful harbor area is a hidden gem in the Los Angeles area. The marina is North America’s largest man-made small-craft harbor and is home to approximately 5,000 boats. If you visit, make sure you stop by Fisherman’s Village to take pictures with the iconic lighthouse. The Village is more like a shopping center with restaurants, but its charm and colors will look amazing on your Instagram feed.
  • Hicksville Trailer Palace
    This is hands down my favorite out-of-the-way destination in SoCal. In fact, it’s so remote there is no public address. Guests are only given location information once they book a night and are a few minutes outside of town. It’s isolated from the hustle of everyday life which forces you to disconnect. I think that’s why I loved it so much.
  • Hotel del Coronado
    This historic hotel has been on my list for a while and I’m so glad we finally got to go. The Del in Coronado, Calif. has hosted presidents, royalty, celebrities and now, Heather Brooker! It’s the second largest wooden Victorian structure in the U.S. and you can see the classic touches of charm all over the property. We enjoyed Skating by the Sea and indulged in winter cocktails while watching the waves roll in. There’s literally nothing else like it.
  • The Garland
    Walk into The Garland and you’re instantly transported to a secluded, urban oasis, that’s still close to all the action and excitement of Universal Studios, Hollywood and L.A.’s best attractions. This authentic L.A. experience is complete with a welcoming vibe and modern amenities to keep you plugged in, while still feeling completely relaxed. So although it’s not a long road trip, it’s worth the drive if you live around SoCal and want to have a luxurious Hollywood experience.
  • San Diego Zoo
    This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth a mention. The San Diego Zoo is still hands down one of the best zoos in the U.S. It’s lus greenery, family-friendly activities and commitment to conservation make it a definite road trip destination for anyone in SoCal.