It’s not easy to find a doctor you like. I’ve heard stories about parents going to see several pediatricians before finding one that felt like a right fit for their family. Parents in my Facebook groups and mommy and me meetings are always asking for pediatrician recommendations. I was invited to tour the brand new Facey Medical Group in Tarzana to talk one-on-one with the doctors there to find out what parents should be looking for in a pediatrician.

Facey has several offices in the Los Angeles area which you can see here. I spent the afternoon with Channing touring the brand new, state of the art location in Tarzana. The doctors there took the time to talk with us about what we’re looking for in a pediatrician. And as a parent it’s so reassuring to have a doctor who is listening to you and understands your concerns. We are caring for the most precious things in our life and we want to feel like our doctors care as well.

I have to tell you I always dread going to the doctor with Chan. She is terrified. She has always screamed and cried since day one of our doctor visits. I tried nursing for comfort during shots, I bribed after each visit with treats, and even promised to let her have a late curfew when she’s a teen! But she still hates it.

And although she was nervous, Dr. Mina quickly put her at ease. She knew exactly how to talk to her and get her involved in the process of a check up that calmed her fears. Dr. Mina tells me it’s her goal, and a goal at Facey to ease fears by listening to the patients and parents.

She is a mom and understands the concerns of new moms. Remember your first 4 years of doctor visits? You asked a ton of questions right? Dr. Mina says she and the Facey staff strive to create a clean, friendly, and helpful environment for new moms to thrive in.

Some highlights of Facey Medical Group in Tarzana:

  • Everything is done electronically
  • There is a patient portal available to keep track of your appointments, tests and follow-ups
  • They plan to extend hours from 8 to 8 so patients can visit before and after work and avoid urgent care
  • On-site lab and radiology services
  • Parking
  • Close to Providence Tarzana Medical Center
  • They have an OB-Gyn office in the same building to facilitate women’s health care needs










I spent a few minutes chatting with Dr. Wong and Ob-Gyn at Facey. She tells me the OB part of the facility is very busy and they look forward to serving more women in the Tarzana area.  This location also offers adult primary physician care, as well as their pediatric and OB-Gyn care. Three medical services all under one roof.

To find out more about Facey and learn about their doctors, visit and see for yourself what a state of the art medical facility with doctors who care look like.

Facey Medical Center is located at: 18133 Ventura Blvd, Suites 204 & 404 Tarzana, CA 91356 * (818) 466-7700

*Disclaimer: I was compensated for my honest opinions and review of Facey. To learn more, please read my disclaimers page.