It’s only the beginning of the school year and I’ve already heard parents saying their kids are overwhelmed with homework.  What the what? That’s crazy. But there is help! Everly tutoring is a service that connects qualified tutors with K-12 students to help guide them through the homework years. It’s like the Uber of tutors!everly tutoring

Everly has simplified the process for selecting an in-home, one-on-one tutor to help your kids get through that tough essay on Chechnya, or complicated algebra problems (do kids still have to study algebra??) It’s an easy process through the Everly website and an app (coming soon!)

It was created by two brothers in the LA area, Mark Berookim and Michael Berookim who grew up in the LAUSD system. They have been developing and operating tutoring companies in the K-12 educational services sector for decades and are dedicated to helping kids through education.


Here’s how Everly works:

  1. Search for an in-home tutor on the Everly website or app
  2. Answer a few questions and the system will recommend an appropriate tutor for your child
  3. Learn about your tutor by viewing their education, experience, “about me” video, reviews and more
  4. Book on-demand, set a date, time and location
  5. Your tutor shows up and your child gets into Stanford! (Okay that last part might be a stretch. But you never know!)

I know you might be wondering about the screening process for these tutors. And you should! Everly says it fully vets their tutors and teachers with a background check and each tutor is hand-picked to cater to your child’s homework needs.


Ready to check it out for yourself? Enter the code MOTHERHOODHW on the Everly website and your first tutoring session is on me ($54 value). Everly officials tell me because of their tech-based platform, they’re able to cut the fees associated with most tutoring companies so more money goes right to the tutor, which is fantastic.

Everly is now available all over Los Angeles County and the app will launch in November!