It’s been a tumultuous few weeks in America to say the least. Protests, demonstrations and public outcry seem to be a daily occurrence since President Trump was inaugurated. One of the largest and most prolific demonstrations was the Women’s March on Washington, D. C. and around the world on January 21st.

My guest this week is actress, mom of two boys and self-proclaimed feminist Laura Nickerson. She was at the Women’s March in Washington and I invited her on the show to talk about why she marched and what she experienced. Nearly half a million people marched in D.C, and millions more marched around the world for women’s issues they feel are being threatened under President Trump’s administration.

Laura said her feminism runs deep. She marched alongside her mother and their friends but it wasn’t the first time. They have marched for various issues many times before exercising their right to free speech.

She described the mood that day as peaceful, almost joyous. No one was angry. No one was rioting or hostile. Everyone felt they had a purpose and wanted to make their voice heard. It’s wonderful to hear Laura share her story of why she marched and why she will do it over and over again if necessary.

I also want to point out that Laura is also a talented host and producer of her new web series, The Mom Buster. She has a knack for taking a product and testing it, with her own charming spin. She’s a natural on camera and tells me she got her start acting in musical theater and eventually worked her way into hosting.

This is one of those wonderful interviews I get to do where I peel back the layers of someone very talented and see what makes them tick. And with Laura I found her inner workings come from a desire to see women succeed and raise her boys to be men who want the same thing.

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