Get your outrage ready, in this episode we’re dissecting Hollywood and Politics. If you watched the Golden Globes last week then you saw the powerful speech Meryl Streep gave about Donald Trump. Hollywood was vibrating in the days after her speech with a lot of celebrities coming forward to champion her and weigh-in.Trump of course responded with a tweet calling Streep “over-rated”, solidifying yet another example of how divided Hollywood and the current political climate are.

It seems that nearly all of show business wants nothing to do with the President-Elect. Performers are backing out of the inauguration left and right and most celebrities are flat out refusing to perform. At any given moment twitter comedians are blasting Trump for something he said or did as well as most online news outlets. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the entertainment business finds Trump neither entertaining nor good for business.

But this train is in motion and Donald Trump will be inaugurated this week as the 45th President of the United States this week whether Hollywood is on board or not. My question as someone who is working in and wants to continue to work in this business, is how will this effect our industry? Will we see a surge in political shows about an egomaniacal leader? Will productions pack up and move out of the country to film? Or will everyone forget about all this drama in a few months and on to the next outrage?

Someone once said “Art is a reflection of life” so I imagine we will start seeing trends in Hollywood that reflect the rage, the frustration, the inequality people in American are feeling right now. This is what we’re breaking down in this episode. I asked my husband to join me in this discussion because not only is he handsome, he is also smart and well-read. Plus I just love having grown-up conversations with him without a 3-year-old interrupting.

If you’ve been following the reaction from Hollywood over the current political climate I’d love to hear from you. How you do think the world of entertainment will change with Donald Trump as President?  Or will it change at all?

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