I’m sure a lot of moms will agree that motherhood changes you. It changes your hormones, your outlook on life, and in some cases your career. For me, becoming Channing’s mother changed me in ways I’m still discovering. And when I get the chance to talk to a new mom it’s exciting for me to hear how their journey is unfolding.

olivia pearson

My guest this week is my friend Olivia Pearson who gave birth to her first child last August. It’s a funny story how she came to be a guest on my show actually. Last December I did a fundraiser for No Kid Hungry where I did a live taping of my podcast at a local theater. Olivia and her husband Kit came to support. Woo hoo! And they bought raffle tickets where one of the prizes was a guest spot on my podcast. Yes, I am that arrogant to think someone would want to win a spot on my show!

Understandably Olivia decided to wait a bit to claim her prize since they weren’t parents at the time. So when she announced earlier this year that they were expecting I was like, yyaaayyy!! Come be on my podcast!

Reel from Olivia Balardo on Vimeo.


Olivia started acting as a child. She loved it and was good at it. But in recent years has grown weary of the acting grind (haven’t we all?) and has refocused her energy on other fulfilling things in her life. Most noticeably for me, her passion for Bernie Sanders. Olivia was an avid Bernie supporter and did everything she could to help get him elected. I wanted to know her motivation behind that, how her view of politics has changed since becoming a mother and what’s been the most surprising thing she’s learned so far about motherhood.

Every mom really does have their own journey in finding themselves again after becoming a mom. I hope you enjoy hearing Olivia’s story as much as I did.


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