Around the holidays there’s nothing more fun that gathering friends around to drink coffee (wine!) and talk about your favorite holiday traditions. So that’s what I did with my friends Veena Crownholm and Erin Ziering.

These gals have both been on my show before so I was thrilled that they took the time to come back on together. Although they both have their own separate websites and goals, recently they’ve teamed up and are doing a bunch of Facebook live videos sharing their favorite events from the week and products. Smart ladies!

Veena is a former Miss California and 4th runner-up at Miss America. She is gorgeous, smart and knows her way around a red carpet. You can check out her website where she writes about her life in LA with her husband Ryan and son Eddie, who is one of Channing’s favorite little guys.

Erin is a busy mom who has a beautiful lifestyle blog called where she writes about her husband, actor Ian Ziering, and their two little girls, Mia and Penna, who also happen to be a couple of Chan’s besties.

In this episode we get cheeky about being intimate with our husbands (you heard me), talk about the blending of religions when it comes to the holidays, and how our families had an effect on how we celebrate today.

It’s safe to say I adore these gals and look forward to many more Christmases together watching our kids grow up and start traditions of their own.

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