Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is arguably one of the best shows on television. It’s a musical, it’s a comedy, it’s unrequited love at it’s finest. Rachel Bloom was just nominated for her second Golden Globe for Best Actress and although she’s the show’s star, there are also very talented writers and producers working behind the scenes to bring these characters to life.

Two of these producers are the writing team of Audrey Wauchope and Rachel Specter. I’ve known Rachel since we met 3 years ago in a Mommy & Me class. At the time, she was one of the only moms I knew in the industry who was still working and juggling motherhood. She doesn’t know it, but I’ve admired her for many years (well, maybe she knows now!) and I was even more impressed when I found out she and another mom were writing partners.

Audrey and Rachel started as friends, then roommates then eventually started working on scripts together. They wrote a feature film and loved the process of writing together so much they decided to team up and keep writing. What’s great about their story is how fluid they are together. Talking to them was like watching a married couple banter back and forth. They are smart, funny women and it’s no surprise they are working on such a highly lauded show.

They’ve also worked on shows like One Tree Hill, and Cougar Town and somehow they manage to find time to write and pitch their own projects. In this episode they talk about how they got their start in writing for television, how things can get personal in a writers room, the need to keep working after having kids, and where they find their humor.

Both women are also former actors so they had some great insights on the casting process from a producers perspective. Have you ever wondered what casting means when they say so-and-so was just “right” for the part? Audrey and Rachel explain what this means to them and as an actress I found it very eye-opening.

I know these mamas are going to continue to do great things and I can’t wait to see what they’re working on next. If you haven’t seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend make sure you keep an eye out for the episode called “Motherhood” coming out in January. It was written by Audrey and Rachel and I have no doubt it will be hilarious.

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