Autumn Reeser showed up at my door with a robin’s egg she found in my yard. She carefully carried it so she could show my daughter who happened to be home during our interview that day. She also brought me coffee (*swoon*). That pretty much sums up all you need to know about Autumn. She is kind, thoughtful, and has a way with kids that only moms will understand.

autumn reeser

Actress Autumn Reeser with her boys Finn and Dash

Of course Channing was immediately enamoured with the tiny egg and with Autumn. We all agreed to leave it in a safe space on the front porch and check on it later. My conversation with Autumn was as easy-going as you would imagine after something like that. She was willing to share her experiences being a working actress and mom with a complete stranger and I’m so glad she did.

autumn reeser


Our mutual friend Mary set us up because she knew we’d have a lot to talk about. I completely geeked out when I realized her first role in television was on Star Trek: Voyager! I tried not to nerd out too hard but that’s pretty freaking cool. That was in 2001 and she hasn’t stopped working since. She’s starred in several shows like Grounded For Life, Cold Case, CSI and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But most people would probably recognizer her from playing Taylor Townsend on The O.C.

taylor townsend the oc

In past several years she’s had starring roles in quite a few Hallmark movies, and tells me she just got to play her first action role opposite Jean Claude Van Damme. Amazing! I love hearing about moms who are stretching their skills and trying new things.

autumn reeser hallmark movie

Autumn also shared what life is like as a mom of two very active boys. And one component of motherhood in Hollywood I often forget about are the mom actors who have to travel for work. A lot of projects film outside the LA area. So if you make your living as an actress and you book a job out of town, what do you do with your kids?? She gave me some insights on what she does, and what’s changed since becoming a mom in her career.

autumn reeser

Channing also makes a brief appearance in this episode just to remind the listeners that she’s the reason this podcast exists.  I hope you enjoy the interviews I bring you and if you do, please take a moment to subscribe to MIH on iTunes and leave me a review.

You can follow Autumn to keep up with her upcoming projects on Twitter @AutumnReeser and IG at autumn_reeser.