You’ll no doubt recognize my guest this week from shows like, What I Like About You, That 70’s Show and One Tree Hill. But parents will probably recognize Allison Munn from Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn – the adorable show about quadruples and the antics they get into.


And I have to tell you that Allison is just as a funny and engaging as her character Anne Harper on NRDD.

allison munn

Full disclosure, I met Allison just over a year ago when I filmed a small part on the show. She was so sweet and we showed each other pictures of our kids in the makeup trailer. Cut to a year later and I saw her at one of Channing’s preschool parties and realized our kids were going to the same preschool. It’s like we were destined to be mom friends!

allison munn

I asked her to be on my show and I’m so glad she said yes. One thing that surprised me about our conversation is how honest she was about the pressure actresses feel to look perfect. Seriously, how is this is still a thing? She admits she’s harder on herself than anyone she’s ever worked with has been. But the fact that this gorgeous, funny blonde even has to worry about gaining a little weight or getting wrinkles makes me sad. She looks amazing!

nicky ricky dicky and dawn

I will not tell you how old Allison is because friends don’t do that to their friends. I can tell you that she is still working regularly and will for a long time because she is blessed with good genes. She’s also blessed with great comedic timing. We talked about the different experiences she’s had playing a crazy girl on What I Like About You, a crazy girl on Carpoolers, a crazy girl on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia...I’m seeing a pattern here!

allison munn and scott holryod

But I can tell you the one thing she’s crazy about is her kids. She has 2 little ones who go on adventures with her and live a pretty normal life, considering their mom is a TV star. I think it’s her South Carolina upbringing that contributes to her laid back parenting style.  Whatever it is she and husband Scott Holroyd are doing something right because their kids are adorable. And I promise I’m not just saying that because I want them to have play dates with Channing.

Okay, maybe I do.

You can follow Allison on Instagram and see her behind the scenes pics from her show and her life.  Thank you for being on the show mama!

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