jill alexander headshotConfession time: I am not actively involved in my union, The Screen Actors Guild. Are you? Then stop judging me! Honestly, I’m not sure how I should get involved or to what extent. And in keeping with the whole honesty theme I should tell you I don’t really have the time for it.  I admire actors who do make the time because they keep us other slackers protected and fight for our rights to get decent wages.  My friend Jill Alexander (Silicon Valley, Mad Men) is actively involved with the union and commercial contract negotiations. She has a vested interest because she’s been in over a hundred commercials. Let that sink in for a bit…over a hundred! And you thought your callback for Sears was exciting. Jill’s been in dozens of TV shows and films as well. So when I had the chance to talk to her, I couldn’t wait to find out her secret for booking jobs as well as finding time to help with the union and be a mom.  She is a wealth of information on why actors shouldn’t work “off the card” and what exactly the term “fi-core” means. She also shares how she navigates her busy work life and spending time with her daughter. We talk about whether having a spouse in the industry is helpful or hinders when it comes to raising a kid in Hollywood.

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