It’s happened to every parent at least once, you turn around at the store, movies or mall and your kid disappears in seconds. Your heart races as your mind quickly runs through all of the horrible scenarios. Then you find the stinker hiding in a clothing rack because they think you’re playing hide and seek. Can you tell this has happened to me? It’s also happened to moms Ellie Kanner and Lisa Solomon who have created The Game Plan Game. It’s a board game designed to teach kids life lessons as they grow and gain more independence.

Ellie and Lisa say the goals is not to create fear, but empower parents and kids to get a plan in place should an emergency arrive.

“From memorizing important phone numbers to ensuring no one touches them inappropriately.  Children can learn safety information, good manners and social skills by playing The Game Plan Game.  Knowledge is power and the more confidence and tools children have to handle challenging situations, the better.”

Both moms have a long history in the entertainment and news business so you know I was all about hearing their story. Ellie started as an agent, then went into casting where she cast the pilot of “Friends,” “Sex and the City”, and “Drew Carey.” From there she realized her true passion of working with actors on a set as a director. So she took the leap and started directing plays, episodic television, and feature films. Her most recent film was a Hallmark movie called “Love and Sunshine” starring Danica McKellar and Mark Deklin.

Lisa is the Regional Manager for Los Angeles at Common Sense Media, the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. She also worked at Nightline, CNBC, and CNN and is a huge news nerd like I am. She and Ellie say they met in preschool and connect right away. They began talking about ways they could re-enforce safety information with their kids and thought a board game would be a great way to bring the whole family together. And after a year of development, they are now selling The Game Plan Game on Amazon and their website,  Visit their website to find out how to play the game and you can also follow them on Facebook to see some of the big stars who believe in their game, and their mission.

Ellie Kanner with Richard Branson

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