Despite what Kanye’s Twitter might tell you, sometimes it’s hard for people in the arts to have confidence in their abilities. I like to think of myself as a confident actor, but there have definitely been times I wanted to crawl in a hole and die after an audition or filming a show.  I am slowly getting better at being more kind to myself when it comes to my talent and this week’s guest was just the shot in the ass I needed to stay encouraged.


Casting Director and fellow mom Dana Gergely Bowling (The Suite Life On Deck, Haunted Hathaways, A.N.T. Farm) shared her insights with me and it felt like I was being tickled with rainbows and sunshine during an East Coast blizzard. I just kept thinking…I need to hear this every day! She was so open and honest about why actors shouldn’t be so hard on themselves, what’s going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, and how working with Disney was an accidental dream job. She’s incredibly candid about finding time for career and family, and how she built a strong business relationship and friendship with her casting partner Brandi Brice. She also has the unique perspective of someone who casts kids, and then goes home to her own kids. She’s basically surrounded by kids all day!  Okay that might be exaggerating a tiny bit. Either way if you’re an actor, a parent, or aspiring to be both, then you need to listen to this show.

Dana Gergely and Brandi Brice

Brandi Brice (left) and Dana Gergely Bowling

To find out more about Dana’s latest projects, you can follower her on Twitter @Danacasting