Courtney Peldon from Aqua Talent has been working in Hollywood since she was a toddler and she knows the ins and outs of this business. And since she’s also my agent, I convinced her to let me interview her and get some insights on pilot season, how people “make it” in Hollywood today, and  I asked her listener questions.

Courtney has been on hit TV shows like Harry and the Hendersons, Home Improvement and Boston Public. She’s also found herself in several roles behind the camera as well in casting and producing.  Now she’s found her home as a talent agent, pitching some of the top working actors today (myself included!)

Courtney Peldon and Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Home Improvement

She tells me how making it in Hollywood today is different than in years past. Now it’s about a lot more than luck and talent. You have to hustle and create your own content.

Actors will learn:

  1. How social media has changed the landscape of entertainment jobs
  2. What’s different about pilot season now versus 5 years ago
  3. Why actors need to know their “place” in the pecking order. Do you know where you stand?

Courtney also tells me how her mindset and goals have changed since becoming a mother last year. Can you still be driven in your career and find time for family? Her answer is so inspiring and makes me adore her even more.

My favorite thing about Courtney is that she doesn’t blow smoke up your ass. She’s not mean, but she’s honest and I for one appreciate that kind of perspective.

You can follow Courtney on Twitter @AquaCourtney but I don’t think she tweets very much these days. She’s too busy finding work for her actors. And that’s just fine by me.

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