iHrD8F8E_400x400I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Parent Normal podcast with Chris Cate a few months ago. And now I get to turn the tables and interview him! The Parent Normal gives a sincere, comedic look at modern day parenting from a father of 3. Chris isn’t your typical podcaster (who is these days?) He, like me, has a background in media. In this episode he shares how he went from being a news producer, to a member of the Florida Governor’s staff, to a comedy podcast about parenting. He explains why he keeps his parenting comedy more general rather than specific to his own kids. And what changes he’s seen in the parent blogging/podcasting world over the past few years.

In my mommy monologue I explain why BeerFit isn’t as cool as it sounds, and update you on my #MIH15by15. Hint: The Struggle Is Real.

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Chris’s show is very funny and you can tell he puts a lot of heart, time, and thought into each episode.  You can find it on iTunes or parentnormal.com. Don’t forget to subscribe to his show and Motherhood in Hollywood (if you haven’t already) while you’re there.