Sleep is so precious. It’s a beautiful thing really. And before you have kids people tell you things like, “sleep when the baby sleeps”. Or, “get lots of rest now because you’ll never sleep again.” Now I can look back and say, I wish I had listened to those wise souls. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in over 4 years.

I decided to invite sleep expert Jenni June to chat with me about sleep issues in our house and answer listener questions. See? I’m always thinking about you guys! We chat about everything from newborn sleep and the 4-month regression to dropping the nap and co-sleeping with 6-year-olds.  It’s a lot to cover in 45 minutes but Jenni is a pro and I knew she’d have the answers.

She has studied the science and psychology behind sleep. She’s worked with thousands of families struggling with sleep issues and has hands on experience working with kids. I interviewed her for my website last fall when we were struggling with dropping the nap and her advice was a game changer. We dropped the nap, moved bedtime up to 6:30pm and never looked back. It was the best thing we could do for our family and Jenni was spot on in her assessment.

She has created her trademarked 4 Pillars of Sleep Hygiene and I highly encourage parents to take a look at her website and reach out for her free consultation. You may be wary at first if the advice doesn’t jive with what you’ve read on the internet or with Dr. Google says. But what you will jive with is how much more productive your sleep and your child’s sleep will be once you give it a try.

You can listen to my interview with Jenni to find out more about her advice on everything from white noise to how nighttime feedings impact sleep. The make sure you visit her website to talk with her about your specific sleep questions.  After all, you deserve a good night’s rest too so take all the help you can!


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